Mindful Life

Skills to effectively manage stress and help you lead a more fulfilling life



Some comments from people who have attended our public courses:

“Dean is a fantastic teacher of mindfulness-based meditation. He explains concepts really well and provides everyone with the space to share their experiences. He’s tremendously supportive, acknowledging each person’s opinion and frames his responses in such a way as to maximise the learning opportunity. He also approaches everything with a great sense of humour so learning is fun. He’s helped me to cope through a very difficult period of my life and has given me the skills to enact some significant changes in my lifestyle. Dean puts 110% in to his work, going out of his way to make sure that you get the most out of the MBSR course. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”
Sarah Bayley, Director at Hays

“Dean, you are a great teacher and I found it easy to relate to you. Your course material (both face to face and online) was well presented and organised. The class was interactive and you gave everyone an opportunity to participate actively and share their experience. The class was structured and it greatly assisted me in improving my well-being and understanding of mindfulness. I was able to learn so much by sharing my experience as well as other peoples experience. One of the main reasons for joining the course was to learn how to make meditation and mindfulness a daily part of my life (i.e. a way of being) rather than using it as a technique. I wanted to understand the concept of “effortless mindfulness” and I must say, I am certainly on that journey now. I would strongly recommend your courses and you as a teacher. Thank you Dean.”
Ashwini Sharma, Program Manager, Standards Australia.

“Course content was very well organised and structured and the teacher was very experienced and dedicated”

“Before I started the course I was a mess. I was feeling anxious, I was struggling to cope with my emotions and with the reality of a serious illness. After we completed the course, something felt just different. The day I got to the theatre I felt so peaceful, so calm….”
Erika Gonzalez. Lecturer

“I am grateful for the opportunity of having participated in this course and for the knowledge and skills I have learned to improve my own quality of life and well-being.”
Dr Julia Bowman, School of Science and Health, University of Western Sydney

“Dean is a marvellous guy to work with, combining a strong ethical sense with an embodiment of the qualities of mindfulness and great people skills and humour… it makes him a terrific teacher of mindfulness meditation.”

“I was privileged to be part of the group. Thanks for the opportunity to learn a life enhancing, even life saving skill.”

“It was a lovely course. Such a warm and safe space. It was not overly serious and yet very respectful. Dean was open to learning from us as well, which made for a lovely environment.”

“The open nature of group discussions, the breadth of material covered and its relevance to everyday life worked for me.”

“It was a good supportive group, very balanced, and I intend to carry on meditating.”

“The course was a good balance of space for discussion, practice and instruction.”

“The openness of the group, the lack of dogma, worked really well.”