Mindful Life

Skills to effectively manage stress and help you lead a more fulfilling life


Effective, embodied, workshop training

There has been a huge increase of different mindfulness-based teaching and training in Australia.

We can address all levels of training needs in business, government and not-for-profit — from front-line workers to executives and leaders.

Our training programs are inspiring, accessible, and effective since:

  • They are grounded in science and the wisdom traditions.
  • We empower people to do enough practice to make a difference to their lives.
  • Our teachers have in-depth training and embody mindfulness practice.
  • Tailor mindfulness training to your individual workplace needs.
  • We can provide on-going support.

Our work is built around a well-researched core of interventions. We value the science of mindfulness but understand that it is the practice that makes the difference.

Each of our courses are individually crafted to deliver the best for your organisation. The cost of each programme varies dependent upon factors such as:

  • Type of organisation.
  • Timing and length of training.
  • Scoping and administration time.
  • On-going or follow on support.

For an approximate costing range, please see our FAQs page.