Mindful Life

Skills to effectively manage stress and help you lead a more fulfilling life

Central Coast Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness is a path of training that can be learned and practiced by anyone, no matter what their religious or cultural background. The mindfulness skills we teach have been shown to be highly effective in reducing stress and enhancing well-being. People taking Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) courses like ours report that as a result of the course they:

  • Find new and effective ways of managing their stress.
  • Reduce their anxiety levels.
  • Learn to handle their thoughts, moods and emotions more effectively.
  • Are better able to deal with physical, mental, social and emotional issues.
  • Live their lives more fully in the present.

The  effective results of 8 week MBSR and MBCT courses are well known and studied by science. Whilst cheaper shorter courses and apps can provide a taste of mindfulness practice, they are unlikely to give time for you to effectively explore your personal insights and provide the supportive group learning to commence effective change.

Weekly Practice Group

After the course ends, for many participants, ongoing support and guidance is vital in maintaining a lasting mindfulness practice. From Monday 21 August 2017, Dean will launch a weekly practice group at the Narara Eco-Village (near Gosford).  The group is also suitable for those new to mindfulness practice who wish to try them.

Dean is now an associate of Openground  and will be leading the following courses and activities at the Wyoming Community Centre, Gosford.

To Book

You will be redirected to the Openground website.

Our goal is to keep the course accessible to all those who could benefit. Health care card-holders and those experiencing financial hardship are welcome to contact Dean to discuss a concession price or payment plan.